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Registration Consulting

If you are looking for help and direction in finding the right partners for your company, Nexu can evaluate your needs and help you make the overall best decision for your event. Whether it is a new registration provider or an apparel or medals supplier, we can help you sift through all the noise and figure out what is best for you.


CRM Consulting

We can help you take your events to the next level by analyzing your data, finding your core users and evaluate trends, good and bad, to help you grow your event participation and fan base.

We can then help you create and build online campaigns using data points from years of data that you have been storing and doing nothing with. We will evaluate your needs help you find the right place to store your data based on your wants and needs moving forward.


Pricing Strategies

We will evaluate your pricing points, increases, dates, history, etc and determine the best pricing strategy for your goals. We have helped a lot of events be more profitable with just a few minor tweaks to the way you market and collect registration.

Creating a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs have evolved from the first players cards in the casino industry to airline rewards programs and coffee gamification apps. We can help you evaluate your events and build a program that best suits your needs to keep your participants engaged with your events and brand all year long.


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